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If you’d like to do some NLP training and you don’t want to wait until we’re running a live, in-person introductory programme, here’s an alternative.

When Dianne Lowther ran her 2-day NLP introduction, ‘Discover the Business Benefits of NLP’ we recorded it live.  It’s been professionally edited to give the best possible sound quality and comes with a copy of the training manual and Dianne’s commentary on the event.  Each section can be downloaded so you can take it with you and listen on a walk, run, long car journey or an afternoon down at the allotment. Or anywhere else you like!

Here’s an overview of the course content and what you’ll hear on the recordings:

  • An introduction to NLP including definitions, some of the history and the 4 principle business applications of NLP
  • The Brilliant Minds NLP Language and Communication Model explained in detail so that you can understand how people differ from each other in their thinking and perceptions
  • The Presuppositions or basic principles of NLP that underpin all the techniques and skills
  • Outcome Thinking including problem-solving and goal-setting applications that you can use for yourself or as a coaching tool with others.  Hear Dianne demonstrating this technique in a coaching session with one of the course participants who has an important career decision to make
  • A simple technique using the NLP Presuppositions that you can use when you or someone else has got stuck in a way of thinking that causes problems.  This technique gives you other ways of thinking to get different results.  This section also includes a demonstration of the pattern as Dianne works with one of the group members struggling to find the right balance between work and family life
  • An introduction to anchoring and state management – the key to getting control of your emotional reactions and being in the right state of mind for the task in hand.  This also includes the ‘Collapse Anchors’ pattern for breaking habitual emotional reactions to everyday irritations.  In this section you can hear Dianne demonstrate the pattern with a participant who wants to boost confidence in particular working situations

To finish up, you can register for a free one-to-one session with Dianne to get your questions answered and to be coached though one of the patterns you’ve heard.




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