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Have you got an idea running around in your head?  A new product or a new service you can offer to your existing customers?  Perhaps something for a new sector of your market?  Maybe even a whole new business?

It can be lots of fun to play with the idea in your head.  Some people only ever do that part!  And that’s okay if it’s not important whether you actually launch this new offer or not.  But if it’s such a great idea, why not take the next step?

The next step, when you’re ready to take it, is to get the thoughts out of your head and to refine the ideas, hone the offer and test the market.  This programme will help you to do that.  It’s all about giving some structure to your thoughts and eventually organising them into a plan.  Nothing in this programme costs money to do.  You won’t be spending your savings on logos, websites, market research or fancy brochures.  You’re simply using your brain power to create the clarity you need to decide whether investing in this business idea is likely to make a profitable return.

If you follow this process and take the time you need to get all your thoughts in place, you will also be better able to judge where to spend money in order to create the sales and brand image you want.




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