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The Language and Behaviour Profile is a different kind of profiling tool.  Unlike personality profiles, the Language and Behaviour – LAB – Profile offers insight into the hidden patterns in the way people think, act and communicate in everyday situations.  This profile recognises that people behave in different ways in different situations and enables us to be clear about the differences.

The LAB Profile has applications in many different areas of business:

  • Recruitment
  • Coaching
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Copy writing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Culture change

…and one of the great advantages for LAB Profile practitioners is that there are no ongoing costs of use.  Once you are qualified to use the LAB Profile, you can profile as many people as you want and it won’t cost you anything.




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by Sally Hindmarch May 28, 2020

A well executed programme that takes you through each element of the profile. Great facilitation and use of examples from the field.