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We all know that NLP is like a toolbox and that it can be used in lots of different ways in many situations.  Have you ever wondered what other people do with NLP?  Would you like to hear from some of the experts who have developed ways of using NLP that are specific to their own area of expertise?

Imagine if you could invite some of the top NLP experts from around the world into your home or workplace and get them to tell you how and where they use NLP and all about their latest projects and developments.  Imagine getting all those creative ideas without having to travel, without any of the usual costs involved and without the stress of finding time to attend a seminar.

Well, back in January 2011  I invited 11 leading contributors to NLP to talk to me about their particular area of application of NLP.  They talked about how to use NLP for success in their field and shared specific techniques and practices – all simple things that you can use too – to get results in your own life and work.  The panel of experts included:

Shelle Rose Charvet

Sue Knight

John Overdurf

Gene Early

Each of the panel shared specific techniques that you can use for yourself and also provided downloadable resources after the interview.

Each module of this programme features a different expert and in each case you get:

  • a podcast of the interview
  • a transcript of the interview (in case you prefer to read rather than listen)
  • the ‘Brilliant Bits’ – a digest of ten gems from the session.  A great reminder after you listen to the interview
  • details of further reading and resources from the experts




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