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Imagine if you could invite some of the top NLP Trainers from around the world into your home or workplace and get them to tell you what they’re currently involved in and all about their latest projects and developments.  Well, that’s what I did back in 2010.  I invited 10 leading contributors to NLP to talk to me about their NLP stories, their latest work, their current interests and how they see NLP now.

Ten years on, these conversations still provide a fascinating insight into NLP, and you get specific techniques and practices that you can use to get results in your own life and work.

Here are some of the highlights of this series of interviews:

Robert Dilts talking about learning NLP with Bandler and Grinder as part of his degree programme and what he learned then that has continued to influence his thinking and his work.  You can apply the same principles in what you do.  Also a great explanation of the ‘difference that makes the difference’ to employee engagement and a thought-provoking story about how a small team outperformed a large team that had more resources.

“Amazing…how is it that listening in to a simple and informal telephone conversation can be so inspirational?  I listened to it once and it connected with my thinking. Straight away I listened to it a second time and it connnected with my ‘soul energy’. Now that was inspiring!”  Peter Jefford, Rainbow Learning

John Overdurf giving an introduction to his latest development – Attention-Shifting Coaching.  This could give a new dimension to your coaching too.  John is so creative and enthusiastic, just listening to him talking can lift your whole day!

Sue Knight talking about her work in India and the (in 2010) new, updated edition of ‘NLP at Work’.  (How long since you’ve read a really great book about NLP?)  She also has some words of wisdom about corporate training programmes and how she moved her work in that sphere to a whole new level.  It’s a simple principle that we all can use.

Shelle Rose Charvet explaining the thinking behind her new (in 2010) book – ‘The Customer is Bothering Me’ – and strategies for improving customer service in your organisation.  Have you ever wondered how to motivate people to put their customers first?  Shelle demonstrates how the application of basic NLP techniques in an intelligent way can make a profound difference.

Gene Early sharing examples of using NLP coaching and the principle of ‘spiralling’ at senior level in global organisations to resolve conflict and improve business results.  I asked him how he makes it safe for people to engage in change processes at that profound level.  I think that his answer will surprise you!

Jeremy Lazarus talking about his work with elite athletes and sharing principles that can be used by anyone.  If you have health and fitness goals, he shares some straightforward ideas that could be the key to your success!

Barney Wee giving an overview of his research into the current issues facing all of us and his coaching questions that will get you thinking in new directions.  I find myself going back to those questions regularly because they are just so powerful.

Christina Hall talking about time and how we represent it.  If you have difficulty fitting everything into your day you must listen to this.  And if you. or someone you know has difficulty getting to places on time, you will get a great explanation of the structure of that problem and what to do about it.

Karen Moxom – the only member of the panel who isn’t an NLP Trainer – talking about professional standards, regulation and her role as Managing Director of the ANLP.

Michael Carroll sharing some of his latest (in 2010) work with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair on engaging the power of the unconscious mind for healing psychological issues.  He has some very interesting comments about the 6-Step Reframe.  If you want to know more about the mind-body connection, listen to Michael.

I guarantee that you’ll be inspired, uplifted and entertained if you listen to all of these interviews and it will definitely give you some ideas about the aspects of NLP you want to explore next.




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