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Of all the topics you could learn about to improve your results at work and the performance of your team, the psychology of perception probably isn’t top of your list. But it should be!

Understanding what makes people tick so you know how to manage them better is the route to take if you want to achieve the kind of success and business results you desire. Knowing why people behave the way they do and what you do about it really is the key.

Because I really want to help as many managers as I can to gain an understanding of the dynamics at play in their teams, and because I know you won’t have the time (or probably the inclination) to spend ages ploughing through psychology books, I’ve developed this concise, focused and free online training for you.

The programme consists of 8 modules you can work through in no more than 15 minutes each, one module per day.  Each module focuses on a specific topic with a brief video to watch plus a quiz to help you test your understanding and a thought to carry you through the day to get clear on the relevance of the topic for your particular situation. The programme finishes with a coaching session with me, Dianne Lowther, when you’ve completed all eight modules.




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