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It’s likely that when you first completed your NLP training you had some favourite techniques.  Maybe one that enabled you to achieve an amazing result?  Maybe another that you found very easy to use?  Or another that you initially found quite hard and then once you mastered it you became a fan?

And then there were the techniques you hadn’t liked quite so much.  And the ones that didn’t give you quite such spectacular results.  What about them?

Or the techniques you’d used to get great results for other people, but they never seemed to work as well for you?  And is there one that you love and it always works for you but you can’t seem to get the same results when you use it in coaching?

If you’re thinking about teaching NLP, this isn’t ideal.  You want to have the same level of confidence, not just in every technique, but also in your ability to use it and to explain it.

At the end of my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes we always have a session where we look at how to continue to develop NLP skills, without necessarily attending more courses (or at least, not straight away).  Many people talk about spending time revisiting their notes, reading books and generally working at building their skills.

We all know that’s what it takes to really master a new skill.  You have to review, re-read, practice, experiment, practice some more, reflect on what you’ve discovered…

Some people find this easy to do for themselves.  But not everyone has a knack for creating their own self-study curriculum.  Not everyone knows how to practice something new so that they really learn how to do it.  Practice doing something badly and you’ll just get really good at doing it badly!

It’s not surprising then, that a lot of people never quite get to the level of skill they intended.

This is where ‘Use Your NLP’ comes in.  I want to support you to go beyond your favourite techniques and familiar applications of NLP to achieve the kind of mastery you always promised yourself you would achieve.

Are you ready to:

  • Dig deeper into the NLP you already know and find the hidden value in familiar techniques?
  • Re-visit aspects of NLP that you haven’t used since you first learned them and tap into the potential they represent?
  • Take your NLP into new contexts?
  • Get even more value from the training you’ve already done?
  • Be able to use NLP techniques to get results for yourself and also in coaching others?

This programme focuses you on regular additions to your knowledge and skills.  Each module takes you through one technique and shows you how to make it work for you, how to practice and gives ideas of where it can be applied – you’ll probably have more to add!

You may be surprised to find that some of the techniques that weren’t your favourites suddenly take on a new appeal.  After all, you’re not the same person now, as you were when you did your original training, are you?  A fairly modest investment now can reward you with a whole new level of return on the price you originally paid for your training.


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